Fossil Fools: An Evening of XTC


XTC remain one of the most influential bands in music. Pick up any music magazine and you’ll find bands citing their importance. Yet commercial success eluded the band. Their dozen perfect albums span genres from 70’s new wave, through psychedelia and folk to full orchestral, yet are quintessentially English.

Most people would not recognise XTC, but songs such as ‘Senses Working Overtime’, ‘Making Plans for Nigel’, ‘Towers of London’ and ‘Sgt. Rock’ still receive regular airplay. However, not being Queen, Pink Floyd or the Beatles, they aren’t the most obvious realm for a tribute act. And they originate from Swindon. But the songs are simply brilliant.

Which brings us to Fossil Fools, who are less a tribute act and more a keeper of the flame. Their rare appearances give fans a chance to wallow in a catalogue of songs, including many from the years after XTC ceased to tour. XTC fans have travelled from as far afield as the USA, Japan and New Zealand, just to be part of the shows. Indeed a London gig this coming autumn sold out in just four days.

Support comes from Mellotronanism, an original prog band, who share both instruments and DNA with the Fossil Fools.

Tickets: £6 in advance, £8 on the door.



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