Court In Session: Windsor Guitar Night

Court In Session: Windsor Guitar Night Image

This month our Court In Session: Windsor Guitar Nights features Van Larkins. Further acts to be announced.

“Van Larkins doesn’t just play guitar…he creates a beautiful musical soundscape. His application of musical cascades and original compositions shed new light to the term “EAR CANDY” Phil Emmanuel.

To listen to Van Larkins play guitar is to watch some magic of nature that both amazes and calms the spirit. The listener is drawn into his world, a world where his seductive melodies tell tales of adventure and of love and weave a path through a land that is new and exciting yet somehow familiar.
Andrew White – Recording Artist

Van Larkins doesn’t just play guitar...he creates a beautiful musical sound-scape. His application of musical cascades and original compositions shed new light to the term “ear candy
Phil Emmanuel – Recording Artist

"Van Larkins is one of the best young up-and-coming songwriters I know. His music immediately draws you in and won't let you go until the end of each song"
Rob Poland - Candyrat Records

“Van represents what this degree is all about; it provides the perfect learning opportunity for creative and talented people to express and explore their musical ambitions,”
Charlie Macneil - Music Teacher, Creative Music Technologies

Tickets:  £6 Advance / £8 Door