Ensemble Bash - for Children

Ensemble Bash present this Half Term interactive percussion programme suitable for 7-13 year olds based around rhythm. The percussion quartet explore various rhythms originating from Africa, as well as introduce unusual instruments from around the world. 

The programme is as follows:-


An electric opening to the concert, featuring dondo (talking drum) and breketé. A theatrical and exciting performance allowing the concept of drum language and the cultural importance of music to be established.

Ensemble Bash play on a number of unusual devices, many of which produce their sound in unusual ways. Demonstrating that sound production is not confined to orchestral or electronic means is, of course, valuable as well as providing an opening for the 'make your own instruments' pages in the accompanying leaflet.

La Capa

Ensemble Bash explains the make-up of a mambo and samba. Both dances were adapted from West African music by the slaves transported to America (mambo is Cuban, samba is Brazilian). Around twenty children are invited on stage to create a samba band, allowing some of the mystique of performance to be broken down. This ends up as a hectic and exhilarating party!

Yaa Yaa Kolé

This is a piece based around two gyilé (Ghanaian xylophones), with drum, shaker and bell accompaniment. The link between the gyil and the marimba and vibraphone is demonstrated, showing the development of instruments in Eurocentric music.

Musical Wine

A calypso written by one of the modern masters of the calypso. The steel drum is becoming one of the most popular school instruments, and it is useful to demonstrate how it was created out of readily available rubbish. The link to African rhythms will also be shown.

Metropolis Chris Brannick

Metropolis involves children on stage creating a rhythmic backing for audience involvement. No-one is left out of the mayhem created when aliens attempt to take over planet Earth! The rhythmic backing is a simply created ostinato, and the Teacher's Pack provided for the concert will allow teachers to explore and develop this avenue.


The flamboyantly rhythmical dance from Senegal. Ensemble Bash pounding out a 'naked, hypnotic rhythm' (The Times) giving a spectacular end to the programme.

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