Treading Water


Treading Water by Kathryn Gardner

A Comedy Play of Belly Laughs, Broken Hearts & Biscuits

Sue and Carol are lifeguards. Their routine is simple and their dreams seems equally so as they spend their days keeping the morning swimmers, the day trippers, and the  evening strollers safe. Day after day they sit, they wait, and they watch the world go by. But when your job is to watch, when do you get to live?

And what are they waiting for? A sign of danger? Maybe that’s just what they need.

Each morning a lone figure appears on the sand. They watch, transfixed, as he wafts his equipment, listening for the beep. If only there were a way to get him to come over. If only there were a way to get him to say something. Anything.

Treading Water is a funny, heartwarming tale that combines classic end of pier comedy with Aykbourn - style dialogue.