Witt's End by Gabriel Chanan


The Rattle'n'Roll Players present Witt’s End

  • a noble house
  • a global muddle
  • a post-Brexit puzzle

A new play by Gabriel Chanan with music by Jeremy Soane  

It's summer 2019. Brexit is here – but we still don’t know what it means! Campaigners for hundreds of different causes are converging on the chaotic Festival of Freedom at Witt's End, a crumbling Berkshire mansion. Can hostess Emily cope? Why is her husband Wallace plotting sabotage? What kind of England will emerge? A hilarious new cocktail of topical issues and wit from the Rattle'n'Roll Players, who brought you ‘The Rise and Fall of King Donald the 1/5th’ last year.


In advance: £9.50 full price, £8.50 concessions

On the door: £11.00 full price,  £10 concessions