Nia Dance Fitness

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Nia is a fusion dance-fitness experience that combines elements from modern dance, martial arts, yoga and mindfulness to provide a non-impact, highly engaging and liberating workout. It brings together mind, body and soul in order to allow for authentic self-expression through movement set to music.

As it is a holistic fitness practice, it positively impacts BODY (it improves muscle tone and strength, balance and coordination, cardiovascular health and helps with bone strength), MIND (it helps decrease brain fog and the release of stress hormones, it improves focus and attention and offers short-term euphoria through endorphin production) and SOUL (it helps create a sense of community and it improves confidence and psychological well-being). 

Nia is easily adaptable to everyone's needs and abilities, immensely creative and practiced barefoot. 

Classes are 50 minutes long, cost £10 and take place every Monday at 6pm.

Your Nia teacher is Monalisa Formagiu. Contact: monalisa@dancetoempower or on FB: @niawithmonalisa

Please find below the dates and times for the next few weeks:

16, 23 March - *no session on 30 March.

6, 13, 20, 27 April

4, 11, 18, 25 May