Yoga with Chloe

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Chloe runs two yoga classes each week:-

Tuesdays: 6.15 to 7.30pm 

A dynamic and playful yoga class that will leave you feeling light and lifted! This 75 minute session is an ideal way to improve your strength, balance and flexibility, whilst using the ancient wisdom of yoga to help you to unwind.

Not suitable for complete beginners.  Please bring your own mat.

Thursdays: 7 to 8.15pm (From 13 February 2020)

Start the process of unwinding into the weekend without compromising your health! This class is a gentle yoga practise that will be split into two halves. First we will focus on mindful movements and traditional Yoga postures (asana) to ease the joints and muscles that may feel tired and stiff from a week's work. These movements will encourage an increased circulation too so your cardiovascular system is lightly challenged. The second half of the lesson is a style of yoga called Yin. Yin brings balance to many peoples lives because we spend so much time in a state of Yang (higher energy and effort). Yin postures are held for a much longer period of time so that you get deeper into the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. It is deeply relaxing and contemplative. Please bring your own mat, and if you have blocks or a bolster then this too.

For more information and to book: email or call 07833 446834.

£10 per class