Anne Glenconner - Lady in Waiting

Lady Anne Glenconner talks about her new memoir "Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown"

Debutante of the year in 1950, Lady in Waiting to Princess Margaret for thirty years, and Maid of Honour in the Queen's Coronation, Lady Anne was born at a time when daughters were unable to inherit family fortunes and her story is one dictated by circumstance and social expectations. Her husband, Colin Tennant, later Lord Glenconner, was quite a character. According to the book, he was banned from British Airways for getting angry about the seating plan on a flight. And, when he died in 2010, he left his fortune to his favourite employee, the elephant keeper.

Peppered with humour, her story of losing two of her five children and having to nurse one back from a coma, gives her story a huge range of emotions. It is a warm, witty and entertaining read, but also moving and courageous, revealing a sense of the volatility of life as an aristocratic woman.

Hear her unique perspective as a witness to major royal events and the truth behind the Netflix series "The Crown", where she is not only a featured character, but is also getting into the spirit of things by taking on her own acting role in the next series.

"If your jaw doesn’t drop at least three times every chapter, you’ve not been paying proper attention" ...The Sunday Times

Duration one hour

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