Court In Session: Windsor Guitar Night


Our 2020 monthly Court In Session: Windsor Guitar Night sessions have moved to a Friday evening and continue to feature the world's greatest guitarists.  This month we welcome Dany Hearn, Ginni Hogarth and Daryl Kellie

Tickets: £6 in advance, £8 on the door.

Dany Hearn

Dany’s songs combine a catalogue of contemporary styles into wonderfully listenable numbers delivered with great passion, feeling, warmth and intelligence." Adrian Putley.

“I'm really loving that Maria Bahran song... it's very powerful and sensual at the same time. I'm having a hard time getting it out of my head....”  Amanda Baughn, New Jersey.

Diverse, melodic, dynamic, inventive, emotive, angry, happy, sad, honest and sometimes just plain eccentric, Dany is a wordsmith and songwriter with a lifetime catalogue of original music featuring stories of love lost and found, adventures in space and time, commentary on the world’s pains — all written with honesty, sensitivity, sincerity and passion. Dany was the singer/writer of ex local band, Irony but now performs solo.

Ginni Hogarth

“Brilliant oddball, precious artiste, brainy heartthrob - Ginni Hogarth may be considered any or all of these, but whatever ID tag one sticks her with, there's no secret as to what makes for a powerful Ginni composition. When she hooks together her accomplished piano, her live band and that voice, the results can't help but grab an ear. 

Expect bigger things..."   Sarah - PANARTIST - London

Daryl Kellie

'Epic'  - Guitar World Magazine, USA

'Truly stunning' - D'Addario Strings

'Check out Daryl Kellie's solo acoustic guitar arrangement of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! Wow! - Taylor Guitars

‘Daryl Kellie is a brilliant and exciting new musical talent’ - Richard Chapman, Author of the million selling classic ‘The Complete Guitarist and ‘The New Complete Guitarist’

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