Dead End



Death's pretty funny when you think about it. Not funny ha ha you understand. Funny weird. Mostly. Maybe it's the start. Maybe it's the end. Or maybe Jon Bon Jovi was right and you really do just sleep when you're dead.

Sue and Carol's job is to dig. It's not that exciting. And it's certainly not very glamorous. You kick the bucket, they dig a hole. And before you know it, you're pushing up the roses. But what are dead people doing kicking buckets? Do they kick it with the same foot that is in the grave? Are they wearing the clogs they pop? How do you pop a clog? And is the bucket just full of the dust they bite? Or are there roses in that bucket? Oh, and are you only pushing up the daisies if you're too poor for roses?

Following the success of TREADING WATER, DEAD END is a sharp and funny play that explores life, death, love and racist badgers.

Praise for previous work

Ginger In The Theatre - 5 stars - "Screw it! I’m going all out and giving this one five stars. A beautifully touching piece of theatre with great humour."

London Theatre 1 - 4 stars - "A delightful and absorbing production of a sharp and perceptive script"

The Play's The Thing - 4 stars - "Kathryn Gardner’s script is beautifully paced and observed, drawing nice humour as well as poignancy from these three characters. The writing is taut, and the story is sweet and enjoyable."

The Oxford Times - 4 Stars - "The show was punctuated with such moments of physical comedy and, combined with the tip-top script, It was a thoroughly entertaining production."

British Theatre Guide - 4 Stars "...well performed and engaging, it encourages you to care about the characters depicted and the choices they make."



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